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Posted on October 27th, 2016
Who else wants a world class hand-held trip to the greatest product sourcing market in China?


Your new professional guided Chinese sourcing trip and training is ready…

Hello friend, my name is Shawn Hart and I have been hosting world-class trips to China for purchasing physical products for a few years now.

 I have even had some very talented marketers along side me recently like Ben Cummings of Amazon Fast Track coaching and Wilson Mattos of Rapid Crush and OPP.

After much thought and planning, and three very successful sourcing trips with 100's of successful clients, we can finally announce…
Our Chinese team is ready to host you during this amazing opportunity to join the infamous “Amazon Rebel”, Shawn Hart on this private trip to what has been called “The Best Kept Secret in China”…
My secret “honey hole” that took me years to discover and learn all the inside secrets of includes…
64 square miles of product opportunities

80,000+ wholesale stalls with over 30 million products
200,000+ visitors per day
8,000,000,000+ USD in annual sales
A wide variety of Amazon products at great prices
Only 100 miles from the worlds 4th largest cargo port Ningbo
Open 7x365, except a 7-day break during the Spring Festival
Listen, I have been traveling to and buying in China for over 15 years and lets face it, if you don’t know these things…
Where to go
How to search
Who to talk to
How to buy (the Chinese way)
then its like feeling your way around in the dark.
In China, it helps tremendously to have good “Guanxi” which is Chinese for a network of connections. 

I am now willing to extend and share my much earned guanxi with you in order to help build your business and avoid most of the pitfalls that everyone experiences.

Over the years of traveling to the world famous Canton fair for a month during three unique phases, and the countryside of China visiting factory after factory, I discovered Chinas best kept secret.
The Futian Market or Yiwu Small Commodities City

I find it very difficult to do business at large trade fairs like Canton and you will too because most exhibitors are only there to put on a big dog and pony show of who has the prettiest girls, brightest lights, and the fanciest most expensive trade show booth.
"Yiwu market is the worlds largest wholesale market of small commodity goods"

In Yiwu, its very easy to do business and place orders because all the factories and suppliers here are very accommodating and instead of trying to impress existing clients like at the Canton fair, they are here to sell product, and are willing to work with you on everything from pricing to custom packaging on the spot!
Look, I am about to let you in a big secret, so come closer…closer…

Are you ready for the shortcut of your career in Chinese purchasing?

Are you ready for pricing breakthroughs that are simply commonplace?

Are you ready to be introduced to service suppliers and vendors and be on a first name basis with the top level folks that took me over a dozen years to develop?
Are you ready for the infamous “minimum effective dose” of information that can help you dominate your competition by offering direct factory prices, highest quality, and fastest delivery?
Well we need to remember that sometimes the best information is painfully simple, and sometimes downright deceptively easy to grasp!
I know it sounds exotic to have an “international business”, and have connections overseas, and be an “importer”, ooh, ahh…

The truth is, that people make it sound mystical and much harder than it really is. Most importers want to keep all the opportunity to themselves and try to smoke screen you away, making you feel like its a "good ole boy" network. They may even have you scared of getting cheated or whatever...
If you know all the shortcuts for any subject and know that the 80/20 rule applies (in this case if you know the 20% of the insider secrets that make up 80% of the results) then you can spend more time working on your business and less time learning a new culture, language, transportation system, and building your network or “Guanxi”.
Your private escorted trip to this world-class e-commence buyers dream world will include
First class transportation to and from the airport

Hotel reservations made for you (you pay when you arrive)

A hand-held introduction to all the vendors and service providers that you will ever need

Scheduled FaceTime with all my best contacts

An introduction to the absolute BEST procurement and sourcing agents in China

A detailed step by step workbook with all the training information and templates with cheat sheets to use while browsing the marketplace

Translated questions in both Chinese and English that help you when meeting with suppliers

Branded ID card which shows you are with the group that gets instant status and respect in the marketplace

A personal Chinese translator who has been pre-screened by my team to provide the best service and guided shopping through the marketplace

My protection as a client during your trip and access to me for 1on1 conversations concerning your business

An escort around the markets many areas and 1on1 negotiations with the many factories and suppliers that you will meet

An organized portfolio of the products and contacts that YOU make in order to maintain ongoing communications

Daily action items and detailed training on using POs and negotiating tactics

Procurement services and gathering of your products for consolidated shipping to you in the US or other country by our trusted service providers

Nightly meetings with a group debriefing by myself and my team where we will discuss the events of the day, products that we are looking for, questions answered and so on

Group breakfast with opportunity to network with myself, Jason Fladlien, Wilson Mattos and other clients on the trip

Detailed pre-trip training in Chinese business culture and negotiation tactics

My team will cater to your every need while on this trip, and you will never feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

My partner in China who manages our staff and office there is Mr. David Wu. Wu and I have been working together since 2002 and have created many product brands together and sold over $100MM in products together.
I have personally made dozens of trips to China, and spent millions of my own money to build my networks there. I have made about every mistake possible both big and small. 

There is absolutely no substitute for experience when it comes to international business, and even though it’s the same as admitting that I’m old, I have tons of experience that you can tap into.
If I had been approached to offer this type on concierge service early on while I was busy building my business, the answer would have been a flat out NO. 

Why would I want to share this very expensive and hard-earned knowledge and connections with those who have not sacrificed? No way!
I was once offered $50,000 up front, a first class ticket, and equity in the deal to take an associate to my sources in China and show her how to recognize opportunity, select a supplier, and import the goods to the USA.
I turned this woman down for fear of breeding unwanted competition. Besides, it was my time, sweat, blood, and tears that paved the road to build two multi-million dollar companies that were dependent on great relationships in China.
Fast forward to today…
Now, with the Amazon opportunity and my semi retirement, the overall pie is so huge that unlike my pal Bruce believes, “there is plenty of room for everyone”.

We can literally all walk and browse the same market for a whole week and each come up with 12 high value product ideas for Amazon that are 100% different.
Every single one of the 80,000 “stalls” is a manufacturer ready and willing to work directly with you. You can place an order of 1 piece, 12 pieces, or 12,000 pieces on the spot and discuss packaging, private labeling, and payment terms. DIRECTLY WITH THE BOSS! You can actually purchase one unit, or a full container or anything in between.
I sent one of my staff Michael aka “Tip” to the markets in March and he put together a mixed container of almost 30 different products that are highly successful on Amazon. 

The entire 20’ container of products cost less than $20K! He was so excited when he got home that he could hardly wait for the container to be loaded and shipped so he could start building listings and selling the goodies on Amazon.

Honestly, Tip would not have thought of it either, if he had not seen those items in the market and asked the factory directly for a price.
This is like “Private Label Arbitrage”!!
Tip used his iPhone and free wifi connections in the market to locate products, search the Amazon catalog for similar items and price, and check BSR to decide what to buy. Its much easier to discuss price directly with the factory while holding the widget in your hand.
Waaaaaayyyyy before Amazon was a factor, one of my favorite games to play while browsing the markets was “The Pricing Game”, and it goes something like this.
I see a widget and say to myself “Hmm, if this was in a US store it would cost maybe $22”

then I tell myself “If I wanted to compete on this item I would need to sell if for like $15”
then I would say “Hmmmm, If I wanted to make it impossible for someone to refuse buying this widget from me I would need to sell it for $9, so in order to have my 400% markup I need to buy this thingy for $2.25.”
Now pay attention…
I then pick up the widget, hold it in the air and ask the factory boss “dùi bù qǐ”, that’s Chinese for “excuse me”, “how much is this widget?”
I’m telling you, this is where it gets hilarious.
Mr. China-person proceeds to grab his cheap little calculator and start pressing buttons like he is typing 200 words a minute.
It sounds like Morse code or something!
Clickety, click, click, (like a teenager sending a text message) click, push, click, etc. etc. and then…
He then holds up the calculator like proudly showing off a newborn baby and smiling ear to ear and behold the LCD screen shows
That’s when you are like what????

 I need to buy this stupid thing for $2.25 to be a force in the market. Are you nuts? That’s ridiculous!! How can I possibly look that stupid.

 I traveled 10,000 miles, and spent all this money to pay the same as I could have paid for this widget at the dollar store?
Mr. Wong, looks at his work confused and scratches his head and gives his best impression of being shocked and offended.
Then you learn a new acronym…
Mr. Wong says “RMB”
And you’re like “RMB” what the heck is that? 

And then it hits you like the smell of General Tso’s Chicken when you first step onto the jet bridge in Shanghai…
Doh!! You mean RMB as in Chinese Yuan, the local currency, that’s like…
.70 cents USD
OMG! You mean this thingy only cost me seventy cents? And he smiles and say “yes, you need better price? How many pieces you need it? How muchy you want pay?”
Sorry, I love Chinglish lol.
So there you have it, you finally see the light. You have made your first direct, no BS, straight from China price, no commission, contact with a real Chinese factory.
Lets be honest, every time someone touches a product THE PRICE GOES UP!
Just because you are buying from China, DOES NOT mean you are buying directly from the factory nor does it mean that you have the best available pricing.
Check this out.
One of the men below is a middleman making good profit on your order and the other is a real factory. Can you tell the difference by his email address? Is it A or B that is the real factory man?
 Example A:                                       Example B:
[email protected]                                [email protected]

They look the same right?
 Factories are great at manufacturing products, but terrible at marketing. This is the perfect storm for a capitalist system.
There will inevitably be some local boy who knows how to reach US buyers via Alibaba, Made-in-China.com or some other site who will gladly offer the widget for sale at $2 and it looks like a great deal to and unknowing newbie! 

When in fact, you are just sending him the $2 so he can walk down the street and buy direct from the factory for .70 cents.
No wonder he only wants a 30% deposit, because this deposit covers the entire cost of the order!
Lesson learned.
Now, can you tell which man below is a middleman (virtual factory rep) and which is the real factory?
        Example A:                               Example B:
       Johnny Wu                                 Johnny Wu

The answer is.... YOU CANT. The only way to know for sure if you are dealing direct with a factory and getting the best quality, price, and support is by being in China and meeting face to face, toe to toe, and IN PERSON!
   Got it? Good… 
Ok, if I have bored you just email me your credit card number and I will make it simple, otherwise quit scrolling and keep reading…
Case study 1: 
    My good friend in China made $400K USD in a very short time by pretending to be a manufacturer of ATVs. Like Johnny Wu A, he simply used his inexperienced online clients money to purchase products directly from the factory and then pocketed the different which was about 40%! 

The factory even shipped the orders and let him bring buyers into the factory and claim it was HIS FACTORY.
Case study 2:
    An old business partner of mine was selling ladies handbags in the late 90’s and was a huge player in the Dallas, TX market for 3 years while in college. 

He sold millions of dollars in handbags and was making about 10% profit. Buying for $6.40 and selling for $7.00 or so.
He finally made a trip to China when he graduated and met with his supplier. After spending a few hours with “the factory” he went out exploring and found the exact same bags, being sold retail in an open-air market for $4.50!! 

Do the math…

 Ok, now the goodies.
On (Date TBD) you and I will depart the US of A bound for the PRC (Peoples Republic of China) or China for short.
We will arrive in the world famous Shanghai Pudong airport (PVG) and gather there to be transported by *first class charter bus (oh boy) to the world-class Yiwu market.
There we will begin our first of 4 days by enjoying a healthy hotel breakfast of brown eggs (what color is the bird?), chickens feet, and some of the strangest vegetables you’ve ever seen. 

Actually its not that bad lol...
You will then be paired with an English speaking local university student who will escort you about the markets for the next 3 or 4 days and basically hold your hand while you explore millions of product opportunities with direct China pricing.
We will regroup each evening and discuss the days events. You can ask questions of myself, Jason, Wilson, or my China team and get assistance in sorting out the opportunities that you will literally be drowning in.
Once all your product orders are placed, a procurement company will gather all your items, settle up with the suppliers, and consolidate your shipment bound for the US.
You will arrive home to the states (or wherever you came from), and then begin your conquest of the Amazon marketplace with the confidence of a pro.
How much does all this cost?
Well, your airfare will be about $900-$1300 for economy class or $4200-$7000 for first or business class. The brand new 5 star hotel is about $100 a night. Chinese visa for multi entry is $150 plus the professional fee to Rapid Crush for setting all this up, and tapping you into my network.
I have an associate who has pitched and sold this trip that I created for $15,000!
Not that its not worth every penny, but I couldn’t sleep if I asked for $15K from the folks whom I wish to serve. I would rather you put your money into your inventory purchases...
We discussed $12995 but decided that after Delta Airlines, and The Marriott get you for a couple grand, that it would severely limit your buying power so…
Jason (who coincidentally will be in China with us) agreed to offer this unique opportunity for just $5995 (about half of what we originally priced it)
Now, we seriously only have room for 100 clients maximum on this trip and a few dozen seats have already been claimed but to keep it fair I need to offer you the same deal as the first few. 

For the early release clients (you know who you are) I have offered a 20 minute private 1on1 phone consultation with myself prior to the trip to get you comfortable with your product goals. This is only available if you use your email to reserve your spot on the waiting list TODAY.
I think you should have the same chance.
If this trip feels like your destiny, and $5995 doesn’t take food off the table in your home, then you had better jump on this opportunity before it fills up again.

You won't have to pay anything today or until the check out page is up in about (Date TBD)...

In case you are not aware, I get paid $1750 per hour while doing one on one private consulting on building an Amazon private label business. This means that your early release bonus for getting on our waiting list is valued at over $580 for your 20 minute call...

So, if you are selling on Amazon or want to sell on Amazon then just the one on one attention during this trip alone is worth the price of admission let alone all the contacts you will make and direct pricing you will get from REAL CHINESE FACTORIES.

 Don't be penny wise and pound foolish.

Take advantage of a chance to learn from a multimillionair professional importer/marketer who has built an Amazon selling business in 36 months that does over 1 million in sales each month!
Who is this trip for?
Those who are not afraid of taking short cuts

If you want the fastest and most profitable results

If you want to truly “buy direct”

Anyone who cannot compete now because they are paying too much for product

If you want to learn new things and experience Chinese culture

Any Amazon seller who wants to take all the risk and guess work out of Chinese sourcing

Any of my private coaching clients who have not already claimed a spot

Anyone smart enough to realize that time is money, and recognize the value of being dragged to the front of the line of experience and gain an unfair advantage over sellers who “don’t know what they don’t know”

Who SHOULD NOT go on this trip?
Anyone who just wants to earn a small part time income on Amazon

If spending a couple thousand bucks hinders your business growth

If you are skeptical of anything I have freely taught

If you don’t believe in yourself

If you will not do anything with the information that is given you (let someone else take the spot who really needs this)
Are you ready to launch your business into the future and see unreal profits?
I pay an average of less than $2 for 90% of the items that I sell on Amazon for $20-$30! Really, and you can too
Enter your email address in the field above on the right of this page or at the bottom to be placed on our waiting list right away and pay nothing until the official launch, but take advantage of your free 20 minute consultation right away.
I will also hook you up with the best Chinese travel agent in the US! 

Karen has saved me over $100K on airfare over the years with her access to all the insider deals from the airlines. I’ve often sat next to people in first class who paid $10k or more for the same seat that cost me $4500. 

Thanks Karen (and Perry Belcher for introducing me)
I can read your mind and know you are asking yourself “Why do I need Shawn’s team, now that the cat is out of the proverbial bag and China's best kept secret is no longer secret. I'll just buy a cheap ticket and go to Yiwu on my own.”
Ok, maybe you’re not saying that to yourself, but if you are then by all means..
Please go ahead and do not sign up for my trip... Seriously
You could probably learn how to skydive, scuba, or speak Arabic on your own too, but I would rather hire a professional and save the trial and error horrors and costs that could come with the self taught route.

Like they say "if you think education is expensive, just consider the cost of ignorance"
This reminds me of a scene from the movie Tommy Boy when Chris Farley was trying to sell some brake pads to a hard headed buyer with lots of reasons not to buy and Chris (Tommy) says”
“You could probably get a good look at a T-bone steak by sticking your head up a bulls butt too, but I would rather take the butchers word for it wouldn’t you?” Haha, that was great.
If you can't see value and resourcefulness in learning from someone who has already been there, then I wish you all the luck in your endeavors but you are not a good fit for this group.
China Sourcing in Yiwu with hand holding support is just a few months away and immediately after the Christmas selling season of 2016. You will be primed and ready to kick butt with all the fresh intel and capital from Christmas sales.
Email [email protected] NOW with questions.
To your success,

Shawn Hart
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After announcing their individual goals on day one of 1442 new products and a budget of $1.4MM... they smashed it!!
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